jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

neither ... nor

This structure is used to join two negative ideas. (It is the opposite of both ... and.) It is usually rather formal.

I neither smoke nor drink. (less formal: I don't smoke or drink.)
The film was neither well made nor well acted.

- Sometimes more than two ideas are connected by neither ... nor.

He neither smiled, spoke, nor looked at me.

- Neither cannot begin a complete clause in this structure.

He neither smiled ... nor ... (BUT NOT Neither he smiled ... )

- When singular subjects are connected by neither ... nor, the verb is normally singular, but it can be plural in a less formal style.

Neither lames nor Virginia was at home. (normal)
Neither lames nor Virginia were at home. (less formal)

Michael Swan, Practical English Usage, Third Edition, Oxford University
Press, 2006.

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